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ANDY HOLLIS is an award-winning Director of Photography / Cinematographer working in the UK Film and Television Industry and based near London.


With a wealth of experience across mainstream drama, sitcom, comedy drama and commercials, Andy has worked consistently with some of the UK's most exciting directors including Edgar Wright, Matt Lipsey, Nick Hurran, Julia Davis and Kevin Allen.  From ground-breaking and critically acclaimed sitcoms The Office and Sally 4 Ever to high-end HBO drama Devils, Andy has established a reputation as one of the most collaborative, visionary and in-demand DoPs in the UK today, with over 50 award wins and nominations including BAFTAs, Golden Globes and Emmys.

"I have known Andy for many years-almost first as an actress and writer, and then as a Director. Andy is an absolute joy to work with, good natured, humorous and flexible. He is highly collaborative and creative, at once able to serve the vision of the director whilst also offering alternative ideas. He is very much a team player, but with a strong sense of his own identity creatively. I always felt listened to and understood and able to resolve challenges and difficulties when they arose. He is respectful, kind and relaxed in his approach, and always willing to talk things through .
I highly recommend him!"

Julia Davis - Writer, Director

"I never believed in whip pans - until I worked with him - he was the first operator / DOP who opened my eyes - and I loved working with him " 

Edgar Wright - Writer, Director

"Andy Hollis has lit four feature films and one TV series for me over the last ten years and I guess the fact that he’s about to shoot the next one with me is testament enough as to the high regard in which I hold him.


Andy works incredibly well in any schedule scenario. Furthermore, he delivers a very high standard of work, regardless of time and budgetary constraint - and although technically superb working under all kinds of pressure, Andy has been a pleasure to have around on every set we have worked together on.


He brings a fabulous creative energy to work every day and has always been a joy to collaborate with. "

Kevin Allen - Writer, Producer, Director

"Andy is one of the most collaborative DOPs you can work with, no matter what I throw at him - he brings a positive, calm and focussed manner to set, as do his team.
One of the main reasons I love to work with him is his continuous enthusiasm towards the actors and the script, his attention to detail is vital to good storytelling, and he listens, understands, and supports me in creating the visual look I want, which is very refreshing as a female director." 

Rebecca Rycroft - Director

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